Inside Look: Doug Cale, Owner of Schakolad Birmingham Chocolate
Posted: 1/23/2011

Inside Look: Dale Cale

Owner of Schakolad Birmingham Chocolate

From corporate to chocolate.  Is life as "sweet" on the other side as it seems?  Are you fulfilled?
I am finally able to get my fill of chocolate - but I never seem to be full!  On the corporate side, I had to read menus from the bottom up starting with desserts.  Now the menu is dessert.  From a business perspective just now, specialty retail is about as tough as it gets in the business world - and I relish a good challenge. 

What can we expect from Schakolad Birmingham Chocolate in the next 5 years?
We will be thriving but five years is too far out to know exactly how we did it.  It will always start with unique, world-class chocolates and creative customer service.  Our key priorities today also include building larger account relationships, leveraging social media and growing web sales.  So I expect that we will be a local chocolateria with many large customers, connected to our market through social media and taking lots of orders off the web.

 How do you define your style?
Creative.  Fun.  Hard working.  Collegial.  Looking for the next idea.

 Any Valentine's Gift ideas for the fellas?
Long stem chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate heart boxes filled with assorted chocolate truffles.  And, please don't wait until the last minute!

 For more information, visit www.birminghamchocolate.com and Facebook.  Also, look for their blog posts and tweets soon!!